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Friday, August 24, 2007

First Time's A Charm!!

Well I am joining the world of blogging. These are pictures from the Bradshaw San Diego trip which was very fun MINUS a few hotel problems. (Which I had to take care of since I am the mean one in this family. But...... I got us a room for free.) My boys are very familiar with sharks due to their dad so you will notice they are not in the water. I will try to update this again soon when I can figure it out a little faster.

My little Cooper Dooper afraid of the waves because "They will swallow me."
Warner looking at the waves but keeping a SAFE

This picture was taken at La Jolla cove-- Sooo fun

Garrett my only one that would get in the water!!

The Bradshaw clan

A little FYI to leave you with- This trip will be interesting next year with 4 newborns. Katie, Allie, Sarah and I are all pregnant. Good luck to us!!